Zalive - Zombie survival [HACK/MOD: Money]

Zalive - Zombie survival [HACK/MOD: Money]
Android version:2.2 trở lên
Aug 05, 2013
Added a long-awaited survival mode!
26 types of weapons has been added to the new Survival mode.

Zombie survival action appearance in Google Play!

You operate left behind in a zombie world "Jeff Gravedigger".
The hiding from countless zombie, to fight off sometimes, you must survive.

While helping the unique survivors meet on the way, let's escape from the world of death.
Please enjoy Regrounds will deliver, the zombies the best experience.

= Features =
# Let's explore the vast map so as not to be found in the zombie.
# Sometimes, You will be a difficult battle with melee and gun.
# Big four stages, to clear the mission of 36 to get out from the world of death.
# There are day and night stage, night gives you the fear further.
# There are 11 weapons with different customizable.
# Operation is very simple. You can attack if you touch the enemy.
# Survived to the end to enhance collection of weapons.

= TIPS =
# You can attack by touching the zombie.
# However, this game, those that can not be found will be more important.
# Press the "Down" button, and try not to be found in the zombie a lower position.
# Run and melee attack consumes stamina, the game will be difficult when there are no stamina.
# In order not to be found in the zombie, playing with a lower stance.

* Items that you can buy in this game, does not support the re-installation of the game.
Zalive - Zombie survival [HACK/MOD: Money]
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