Hospital Manager - Doctor Surgery Game [HACK/MOD: Money/Hearts/Coffee/Energy Drinks]

Hospital Manager - Doctor  Surgery Game [HACK/MOD: Money/Hearts/Coffee/Energy Drinks]
Developer:Happy Baby Games - Free Preschool Educational Apps
Android version:2.3 and up
Hospital Manager is a realistic management game, where you experience being a surgeon doctor and manager at hospital. Become a doctor & hospital manager in this fun and realistic surgery simulator & management game. Construct and manage your own hospital. Build doctor’s offices, diagnostic rooms, the treatment center and laboratories. Only you have the power to make the best decisions and to make your hospital at the number one spot in the world! Choose and hire doctors and employees, build the departments of your choosing, and manage your finances of your hospital. Turn yourself into a professional manager & star doctor surgeon, operate your own clinic and hospital, cure different kinds of sick persons with various diseases. The patients can have bruises, internal bleeding, swollen cuts, infected wounds and they need to be operated ASAP as it's a matter of life and death! Use real surgical & doctor tools to treat your patients. It’s up to you to perform life saving surgery in hospital as a surgeon! Make crucial decisions, carry out complex surgeries and all kinds of other medical treatments on your patients in the best surgery simulator game where you work as a surgeon & manager so it’s your duty to manage your very own hospital. Hospital Manager is the Top of the line Surgery Simulator game, with truly innovative concept of crazy doctor games that you would surely love!

There is a biggest rush of patients waiting outside your clinic to get treated. Test your skills, become a professional surgeon & doctor, treat sick persons with painful expressions and make them healthy and happy again. Get to know their history first before treating them and sending them to the operation theater. They have their brain doctor surgery reports with them or they might have a stomach disease already. They may have been suffering with lungs problem or liver problem or a kidney disease. Be careful while doing Surgery Simulator on your sick persons. Now it’s up to you as you’re one of the most talented surgeon & doctor in the world. Use real doctor and surgical tools to treat patients & perform emergency surgery and save patients in Hospital Emergency Room. Patients have a different injury & you will have to treat them to make them perfect again. You have been appointed as a manager & er emergency doctor in Hospital Emergency Room & now it’s your duty to treat patients who get injured, be the emergency surgeon doctor to perform crazy operations with real life saving tools. One of the patients met with a bad accident & his right hand got broken in order to treat the broken bones, make an incision in the skin and fix it. Give proper emergency surgery to heal their broken arms or legs, stitch the cut with a needle to stop bleeding and dress the wound. One of the patients has pieces of shattered glass in his hand, take him to surgery room. The emergency surgery room is well equipped with all the medical instruments, injections, re fillers for the medications, scalpels, dropper, and tweezers. One of the patients is suffering from leg Injury that can affect his ankle & leg movements. To avoid any other damage, prepare for the leg surgery operation now. Call the knee surgeon & anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while you carry out the surgery. One of the patient is patient is suffering from a severe liver disease. He has been complaining about pain in the right side of his stomach. The stomach doctor has referred him to the liver surgeon. The ambulance has brought a little boy with a stomachache and some disease for which you are going to operate now. Do not operate with shaky hands otherwise it would be a failure. Keep a check on the performance of his kidney, liver and heart.

* This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account.
* Advertising appears in this game.
Hospital Manager - Doctor  Surgery Game [HACK/MOD: Money/Hearts/Coffee/Energy Drinks]
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